International Cooperation

As training partners - for example of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) - we work with our partners in Africa, India and Mongolia on projects to empower people and thereby initiate sustainable development. We react flexibly to challenges, while always remaining pragmatic. The most important thing is to enable people and organisations to advance their own development, to create and strengthen international networks and to promote innovation.

AHA combines its values, methods and special qualities with proven principles of development cooperation so that these benefit the partners in the form of solid cooperation. The proximity to German agriculture is exploited through the involvement of experts and direct exchange.

We work both in our own projects and as contractors for other actors. In doing so, we draw on a large set of methods, which we constantly develop and adapt. Methods such as the open organisational development approach and the interplay of tailor-made training, coaching and consultancy, adapted, demand-oriented and target-oriented, meet with a very positive response, which is also clearly articulated by partners.

A concerted offer of exchange of experts, association partnerships, the involvement of German and international experts, who through their experience accompany the development processes of the partner institutions, is just as central as the possibility of developing association partnerships. These serve the purpose of long-term cooperation with German associations and thus facilitate the development of relationships. The network function is central to international cooperation. North-South is just as important as South-South exchange. Our partners benefit from our cooperation with the World Farmer Organisation and our good relations with the European agricultural bodies.

Our team consists of trainers and organisational developers with many years of experience in personality and organisational development in association work and the private sector. Many trainers come from the agricultural sector, are entrepreneurs themselves and can thus optimally respond to the needs of our customers. The core team International in the AHA in Bonn and Berlin currently consists of 8 people with a rich spectrum of experience and training in agriculture, agricultural economics, landscape planning, geography, business administration, political science and development cooperation.



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