b|u|s training for women in Ethiopia

by Jan Pusdrowski

Improving business skills for women

Female entrepreneurs are well outnumbered by men in Ethiopia. Andreas Hermes Akademy (AHA) has recently started to remedy this situation in cooperation with the Green Innovation Centre Ethiopia (GIZ) with a business training course specially designed for female farmers. Comprising soft skills, personality development and above all entrepreneurial know-how! 21 women from four different seed cooperatives of the Arsi region attended the course and successfully completed the three b|u|s modules. A group of local trainers facilitated the trainings over a course of 3 months.

Deepening our b|u|s activities in Ethiopia

The provision of this b|u|s course for women ties directly on AHA’s previous bus trainings in Ethiopia.
Due to the success of the b|u|s training and its great overall perception in our project region, AHA seeks to expand its impact in 2019. In cooperation with GIZ the AHA is currently planning another round of b|u|s training. Again, we will work with our seed cooperatives in Ethiopia. Offering training modules 1 to 3 of b|u|s to a new gender-mixed group will increase the seed producers capacities even further. For this AHA will also utilise the expertise of local female trainers.

The Author

Jan Pusdrowski

Regional Coordinator East Africa


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