Our Methods

Not off the shelf! Your matters of concern are varied and individual, so our methods are equally versatile. We listen to your personal and professional questions with open ears and design customised training offers and projects for you. We work in dialogue with you and promote your own solutions instead of template solutions.
Trainertagung Herbst 2021
Trainertagung Herbst 2021

Our toolbox

Our team and our trainers work with professionalism and enthusiasm and are individuals with great practical experience.
Not a method for the sake of a method! We seek out the right method to address your current issue. This ranges from certified analyses of potential and motivation via creative methods for finding solutions to planning and structuring tools

A selection:

  • Methods from NLPe
  • Methods of transactional analysis
  • Agile methods
  • Systemic approaches
  • Methods for changing perspective
  • Communication tools
  • Play as a method
  • Creative methods
  • Design Thinking
  • Visualisation
  • Integral structural constellations
  • Conflict resolution tools
  • Value determination
  • persolog® Personality Factor Model
  • Reiss Motivation Profile®