Philipp Conzen Roos

Philipp Conze-Roos

Deputy Director International Cooperation Location Bonn Telephone +49 (0)228 91929 73

I love to drive development forward, to create something new. Especially when different people work on it with a common goal.

Philipp Conze-Roos’ path to the Andreas Hermes Academy led from the private sector in Germany via Ethiopia and Rwanda. He lived with his family in Africa for 8 years and worked there as a development aid worker. His field of activity there was also the development of the private sector – his focus was on associations and entrepreneurship. He brings these experiences and his economic background optimally into the projects of the academy in Africa and India. Philipp is Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Division. And he has been doing so since 2015, always motivated and driven to develop further by the exciting changes in the international environment.