b|u|s International

Strengthening entrepreneurial and personal skills

The AHA bus trainings (Bäuerliche Unternehmer Schulungen – Agribusiness Training) have been an integral part of agricultural training in Germany for more than two decades. They put the personal skills and the operational potential in the focus of the training. Since 2007 AHA and its partner GEFAK – on behalf of GIZ – have as also been building the framework for supranational trainings in (link map) Ethiopia, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and in Mongolia.
Why bus-trainings in development countries?

Most small farms in developing countries focus primarily on the self-sufficiency and adjust traditional procedures. Market-oriented action, individual positioning or meaningful collaborations often come up short. One reason is that there is often little access to information and personal qualifications. This is exactly where the bus-training come in.

bus. Participatory, systematic, country and need specific.

In order to consider local circumstances optimally and to secure lasting effects, the bus-training often follow the “Train the Trainer”- approach: Local people are trained so that they can deliver training throughout the country.

Within the bus training the participants then work in three two-day modules on central areas of competence:

  • My Requirements: recognizing strengths and skills and opportunities for personal development and conditions
  • My company and my market: future and market oriented view to production and products, value and setting the course for the actual market demand
  • My way: develop a clear concept with a concrete action plan for me and my business.