Toolbox of Selected Agricultural Trade Policy Instruments

by Zara Grauer

The Andreas Hermes Akademie has published a toolbox on agricultural trade policies as part of one of its international projects. This toolbox was realized within the project "Strengthening the Capacity of Regional and National Farmers’ Organisations in Agricultural Trade Policy". The aim of the project is to make the voice of farmers more audible, as they are both involved in and affected by agricultural trade policy. It was realized with three regional FOs: (EAFF, SACAU, ROPPA)
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Three African regional farmers’ organisations and their members are strengthening their technical and strategic competencies in terms of agricultural trade policy at regional and national level. These organisations are the Eastern African Farmers’ Federation (EAFF), the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU), and the Réseau des organisations paysannes et de producteurs de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (ROPPA), representing the national farmers’ organisations of Eastern, Southern and Western Africa respectively.
This publication is the result of the first workshops with the three organisations and their members. It aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of agricultural trade policy by presenting and explaining a selection of twelve key instruments. It is directed to all representatives and members of farmers’ organisations who want to understand how trade policy works and to recognise why it is relevant to their activities.

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The Author

Zara Grauer

Programme Manager international