“We feed the world. Ideas, Approaches and Solutions from the Special Initiative ONE WORLD – No Hunger”

by Nicole Bolomey

Seven years ago, German Federal Minister Müller launched the special initiative ONE WORLD - No Hunger (SEWOH), which united initiatives supporting rural development, innovation in agriculture, agroecology, sustainable supply chains and a political focus on food security. A small but important part of this initiative was - and remains - empowerment of farmers, especially through the combined power of member-run farmers' federations, cooperatives and rural movements. Since 2015, the German Farmers' Association and the Andreas Hermes Akademie have been constructing a programme to strengthen farmers' organisations, which today can reflect on various successes as part of its cooperation with partner organisations in Africa and India.
Wir ernähren die Welt. Ideen, Ansätze und Lösungen der Sonderinitiative

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has recently published the so-called MagBook, which reports on these and much more. Critical articles by qualified journalists shed light on activities from recent years while taking a step back. Original testimonies and assessments show the impact that the SEWOH has been able to achieve and the esteem that has grown between German protagonists and partners in African countries and in India. An assessment worth reading! Honest and informative. Add to that a good helping of constructive criticism, but also joy, spurring people on to continue working over the coming years on strengthening agriculture and its stakeholders, improving food systems and eliminating hunger in the world.

The contents of the MagBook can be found on the Ministry’s in German and in English.

The Author

Nicole Bolomey

Director international