b|u|s graduates in Tanzania take part in business idea competition

by Zara Grauer

Since 2019, over 600 members of the Tanzanian Horticultural Association (TAHA) have taken part in a b|u|s course. Now they have had the chance to present their business ideas to an international jury. The top five received financial support to realise their visions.
Gruppenfoto Jury Deutschland
Jury Germany from left: Kurt Hattinger (AHA), Nicole Bolomey (AHA), Marion Kenkel (ML Lower Saxony) and Ralf Pohle (Marketinggesellschaft der niedersächsischen Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft e. V.)

On 1 September, the first b|u|s Award in hybrid form took place in Arusha and in Hanover. This was made possible by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Once 10 b|u|s graduates had been chosen via pre-selection, they presented their ideas in ten-minute pitches during the morning. Concepts presented included a solar-powered, cold storage room for agricultural products to be used collectively. Another applicant plans to set up a shop for agricultural inputs in a rural area, which is intended to avoid long journeys to the capital to fetch seeds or field equipment and to facilitate farmers’ work.

The jury was composed of Tanzanian and German members. The Tanzanian jury consisted of representatives from our Belgian Agricord partner Trias, the Belgian NGO Ricolto and the Equity Bank. On the German side, Mr Ralf Pohle from the Marketinggesellschaft der niedersächsischen Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft e. V. and Ms Marion Kenkel from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection took part, accompanied by Director of AHA international, Nicole Bolomey, and our long-standing b|u|s trainer, Kurt Hattinger.

First place went to young student Asma Amour Ali (23) from Zanzibar. She would like to use the prize to expand her parents’ family business: “I will focus on expanding my cultivable land for peppers, passion fruit, tomatoes and other vegetables, as well as broiler chicken production.” We extend our warm congratulations to Asma on her well-earned success.

Auf Grund des großen Zuspruchs ist das Ziel im nächsten Jahr ein weiteren Ideenwettbewerb durchzuführen.

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Zara Grauer

Programme Manager international

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