GenX Guideline published – Guideline on accompanying farm transfers

by Zara Grauer

In 2020, while collaborating on the GIZ's* global project „Rural Employment with a Focus on Youth" the Andreas Hermes Akademie (AHA) developed an advisory concept for accompanying farm transfers: GenX. GenX aims to enable farmers from younger and older generations in Africa to successfully shape the transfer of their agricultural businesses from one generation to the next or to find innovative forms of joint management. GenX pursues this goal through innovative awareness-raising, support, coaching and advising. The project was promoted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
UNYFA workshop
UNYFA workshop

When farmers successfully transfer their businesses, take over or co-manage farms, this results in the following:

  • Growing numbers of young farmers in Africa have access to land.
  • Greater numbers of young farmers are successfully managing their farms, either together with the older generation or in line with a planned handover process. Be it within the family or across family ties, they are less dependent on heredity.
  • Younger and older farmers ensure a secure livelihood.
  • Rural youth benefit from a greater number of and more varied prospects.
  • African farmers’ federations and other organisations are successfully advising and guiding farmers through the major challenge of farm succession and adding value to their members and constituencies.
  • There can be successful land and farm succession within the community.

GenX was implemented in a first pilot phase together with the Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda (UNYFA). Using experience gained from this pilot, the AHA has now created a guideline for implementing the GenX process. The GenX Guideline is aimed at advisory services in the agricultural sector, which can be farmer organizations, development partners or other organizations that support young people in agriculture. It is aimed in particular at project owners and managers, but also at moderators, facilitators and coaches.

It explains how GenX combines a series of advisory workshops with coaching phases. It additionally describes how the GenX process can be adapted to a specific context and need.

The complete GenX Guideline with all related field reports from Uganda as well as the corresponding factsheet can be downloaded here. If you are interested in implementing the GenX process with your members/partners, please contact

The Author

Zara Grauer

Programme Manager international